All My Jokes Are About Me
2016 Digital Shorts

All My Jokes Are About Me

A week of dark times and funny situations ends with a joke that maybe makes it all worthwhile.

Length10 min.
DirectorChelsea Lou


Pitch video


"All My Jokes Are About Me" is about the genesis of a joke. The short will follow an amateur comedian through her week in short vignettes, and end with a joke that is influenced by the week's events. Struggling in her relationship, as a writer, and her day job at a daycare, the comic wrestles with doubt and depression, but is also faced with funny circumstances and characters in her week. The hilarity and darkness she experiences come together in the end of the short with her performing a very personal piece of comedy that spins her low points into humour.

The team

Chelsea is a comedian and artist, Shiraz is a filmmaker and comedy show producer. We're excited to make something awesome together.

Profile picture of Chelsea Lou
Chelsea LouDirector, Writer, Actor


Production Design

There will be a scene of Chelsea drinking in a park. The park will look like this park, and it may even be this park.
Comedians often hang out in the underground parking garage underneath the Ratfish comedy room, beside Heckler's. They're very comfortable in their natural habitat, which is how we intend to get the best performances out of them.
One of the locations we will be using is this apartment. It's beautifully decorated and will provide a great backdrop for fighting. Fighting is always accompanied well by sail boats and framed beetle exoskeletons.
The Fairfield Community Place has a few different daycare facilities. They have been kind enough to let us film in there already.
The Ratfish Open Mic is a staple of the Victoria stand up community. It's one of the longest standing open mics in the city.