Brewers Yeast
2016 Web Series

Brewers Yeast

It's 'You Gotta Eat Here' for craft Beer.

Length10 min 25 seconds


Pitch video


Yeast is a culture, and this is craft beer culture at its finest; a road trip around the continent discovering and exposing the best craft beers the micro breweries have to offer. We'll meet the brew masters and founders, talk about delicious beers, food and pairings. Beer drinking tips like how to get the most flavour out of a stout by first drinking an IPA, and why that makes your stout taste better, or simply visiting a bowling alley with 40 different craft beers on tap to knock a couple down, pins that is. Let the experts take the guess work out of discovering your new favourite craft beers and where to find them, so you can start planning your next micro road trip today.

The team

I found out about th web series Story Hive 2 days ago while in production for a music video, I have had 1 day to prepare and as such my team is myself and the host Drew Lazz, as we go on we will expand the team.