2016 Music Video


A young woman searches for time to self-reflect while on a life-changing hitchhiking trip through Alberta's countryside.

Length5 min 19 seconds


Pitch video

The artist

Sam Lundell
About the song

Sam Lundell's "Everything", narrates the story of a young woman who searches for time to self-reflect while on a life changing solo hitch-hiking trip through the rural countryside of Alberta. Sam's energetic and passionate performance will help drive the video's message of finding freedom and love in what seems to be the darkest times of ones life.

The team

Meet some of our talented team! We are working industry professionals within the film and music industries. We love what we do and love that STORYHIVE is providing this great opportunity for us to create films that we are passionate about!

Profile picture of Justin Brunelle
Justin BrunelleDirector, Producer


Production Design

We believe that finding the right location can make or break a film. We pushed ourselves in the past to find the perfect location; shooting at 8,500 feet up on the peak of a mountain, shutting down a town for a massive marching scene and even renting a bus to drive our crew to the other side of the province to get that perfect sunset shot. In this music video, we will be driving across Alberta stopping in at small town motels for scenes following  our female lead hitchhiking across the province. Alberta has the perfect eerie small town prairie feel we are looking for.
Director Justin Brunelle and Cinematographer David Baron have worked together in the past and have teamed up to co-produce this music video. Teamwork is the key to creating a stunning film. They will collaborate with Sam Lundell to bring his song to life to be shared with the world.
One of the scenes the team is looking forward to creating is the most prominent of Sam’s performance scenes.  This will feature over 1000 dimly-lit lightbulbs strung over a sparse and branchless forest canopy at nigth.  The surreal warmth from these bulbs will be in contrast to the vastness and mysteriousness of the woods, shedding light on Sam as he plays and sings, and adding a magical quality to his lyrics and story.
This production will take the cast & crew of "Everything" on a road-trip across and all around Alberta. Our production team is built of working industry professionals who love what they do! We want to work with people who are passionate and experienced in what they do. We believe this creates a healthy and efficient working environment.