Roadside Deadguys
2016 Web Series

Roadside Deadguys

Life sucks and then you die ... Then it sucks even more.

Length8 mins. 54 sec.


Pitch video


Roadside Deadguys is a dark comedy that lampoons the absurdity of life by looking at the absurdity of life after death. In a reality where spirits remain in the spot of their death for eternity, Robbie and Patrick are unfortunate enough to have crashed in the same spot of a lonely road 25 years apart. Given their situation, the two disparate souls must learn how to stave off the boredom of eternity. Or at least how to get along with one another. Each episode is a short glimpse into the world of Robbie and Patrick. Whether they're arguing with one another, pondering the futility of it all, or interacting with people who are sill alive, it always promises to be absurd, hilarious and thought provoking.

The team

Introducing the Roadside Deadguys team. We're a well rounded bunch with the skills necessary to deliver a great project. Check out our bios and info below.

Profile picture of Christopher Lorenz
Christopher LorenzDirector, Writer
Profile picture of Ricardo Carneiro
Ricardo CarneiroProducer, Production Manager
Profile picture of Joaquin Cardoner
Joaquin CardonerCamera Operator


Production Design

Roadside Deadguys takes a minimal approach to production design - allowing the bleakness of our location to do most of the talking. Since Robbie and Patrick are stuck on one part of a road, there’s only one location, and since they stay preserved as they were when they died, there’s only one costume for each character.
Unlike Robbie's, Patrick's cross is surrounded by flowers and gifts from the ones who still love and care about him. There's even a box of his favourite chocolates that his mom brings him out regularly. It drives Robbie crazy looking at the symbols of love and affection that surround Patrick's cross, but he's sure that as time goes by, people will stop visiting Patrick. Just like they stopped visiting him.
The crosses for Robbie and Patrick speak to their characters. Robbie’s is worn out, its paint peeling. It clearly hasn’t been paid attention to for decades. The same can be said for tired, cynical old Robbie.