Held in Thought
2016 Music Video

Held in Thought

Small town church in wildly beautiful Port Renfrew packed to the walls with equally wild and beautiful fan support!

Length4 min 8 seconds
DirectorDave Wallace


Pitch video

The artist

Avelyn Duncan
About the song

Feel good and anthemic in melody, “Held in Thought” is a tension-building audience sing along. Soon to be a hit-radio single, this track has the talons to hook a crowd and convert them into lighter waving fans.

The team

Check out our team! We are thrilled to collaborate on this awesome project!

Profile picture of Dave Wallace
Dave WallaceDirector, Editor, Camera Operator


Production Design

An example of the lighting from another artist's show at the church
While shooting at the church we will use the natural line to shine through the windows for the desired effect.
Casual laid back clothing similar to Kings of Leon
Another example of the laid back clothing style
Another example of how we will use the natural light
St Mary’s Ecumenical Church, built in 1875, and re-located from Duncan, BC to Port Renfrew will be an ideal filming location.
The beautiful temperate rainforests and wild coastlines of Port Renfrew will be ideal for shooting
We will use string lights in the church to accent the natural lighting available