Snot Bubbles
2016 Web Series

Snot Bubbles

Snot Bubbles is the story of a small town struggling for relevance in an increasingly urbanized world.

Length4 mins. 18 sec.


Pitch video


In this series, a town faces an uncertain future when the keystone of its economy, the lumber mill, is shut down. Woven through the main narrative are the stories of adolescents coming of age, and the challenges they face in their personal lives, as well as in regards to the greater economic issue at hand. How does a small community survive in an increasingly urbanized world? Can it grow while still retaining its soul and sense of identity? And how does this all affect the inhabitants? Can denizens who’ve lived there for generations accept this change? Do adolescents growing up there have to choose between their home and their dreams? These are the questions at the core of the narrative in Snot Bubbles.

The team

We're lucky to be working with an amazing Vancouver-based team, consisting of professionals currently working in the field.


Production Design