The New Romantics
2016 Web Series

The New Romantics

A postmodern comedy about heartbreaks, hangovers, and (happy) endings in NoFunCity.

Length10 mins. 21 sec.


Pitch video


"The New Romantics" is a webseries about the evolution of human consciousness, or, like, you know, twenty-somethings trying to get by in YVR. Exploring the psychological torture of relationships -- romantic and otherwise -- Wallace, Clinton, Molly and Jackson take us through the highs (and lows) of life in the most beautiful/expensive city in the world. With meet-cutes that ain’t so cute, 10-speed delivered microbrews, mushroom-trip sunsets and that intense, burn-bright love you have for your friends when they're your whole world, TNR is an hilariously absurd, meta-ly magical, authentic love-letter to the mistakes, mishaps, and triumphs of your twenties.

The team

We've got squad goals. Swipe right for talent and dedication. Rom-coms gettin' lifted. Bringing a modern comedy to town this 2016. #nofuncitynomo

Profile picture of Sasha Duncan
Sasha DuncanWriter, Producer
Profile picture of jesse ross
jesse rossWriter, Production Design
Profile picture of Nisha Shankar
Nisha ShankarWriter, Actor, Production Design
Profile picture of Meghan Buckley
Meghan BuckleyProduction Design
Profile picture of Tito Ferradans
Tito FerradansCamera Operator, Lighting
Profile picture of Gonzalo Ricalde
Gonzalo RicaldeSound Engineer


Production Design

All over this crazy beautiful city.