2016 Web Series


Chris' Mom died. Then he got kidnapped. And now he's developing super powers. Things are pretty strange.

Length10 mins. 28 sec.


Pitch video


After the death of his Mom, Chris developed an unhealthy obsession with the hair salon chair that killed her. Sounds a bit messed up, right? That's because it is. In order to help him through the grieving process his best friend Gabriel kidnaps Chris in hopes that a road trip with those closest to him (including the chair) will help him move on. Things get weird when they discover that the salon chair gives those close to it superhuman powers. Abracadavers is a story about this group's journey and the hurdles associated with growing up, relationships, and dealing with the unexpected.

The team

Abracadavers is all about collaboration. This team consists of multiple, directors, producers, and writers, all coming together to create one story but applying their unique vision and style to their episode. Oh, also, our technical crew is the bomb.

Profile picture of Ingrid Vargas
Ingrid VargasDirector, Writer, Producer, Production Design
Profile picture of Rebecca Jolley
Rebecca JolleyEditor, Producer, Motion Graphics
Profile picture of Griffin Cork
Griffin CorkWriter, Producer, Actor, Production Design, Voice Over, Social Media Strategist
Profile picture of Aaron Belot
Aaron BelotWriter, Producer, Production Design
Profile picture of Courtney Tromburg
Courtney TromburgActor, Voice Over
Profile picture of Andrew Ellergodt
Andrew EllergodtActor, Sound Engineer, Music
Profile picture of Kenya Weaver
Kenya WeaverProduction Design, Lighting
Profile picture of Philip  Van Hooft
Philip Van Hooft Camera Operator, Lighting, Sound Engineer, Electrical
Profile picture of Scott Steneker
Scott StenekerSound Engineer, Music


Production Design

Characters need to be unique and purposeful. Abracadavers tackles some serious mental and social issues but makes them accessible through comedy and a well rounded cast of characters. The group consists of Chris, the guy with the chair, Gabriel, the one who brought them all together, Allie, always eating candy cigarettes, Maria, logical and organized, Paul who's just trying to learn how to properly wield a samurai sword, and of course the mysterious villain.
With comic book films overwhelming cinemas it is important that this series stands out from the crowd. Abracadavers focuses on powers unique to our characters that evolve over the course of the show. For example a character who can ultimately toss fireballs would start out simply coughing smoke and would gradually learn to manipulate fire. Each character's power is fundamental to their character development and helps drive the story forward. VFX artists will help bring these abilites to life and more importantly: make them believable.
Where the characters are is integral to Abradavers as the characters themselves. In a roadtrip film (or series) its challenging but exciting to search for interesting locations to keep the story fresh and exciting. The characters start in their home town and move onward to the neon lights and cracking paint of small town hotels and motels. Through this series we'll have the opportunity to promote and showcase these hidden gems.
Everyone involved with Abracadavers has a passion for creating the perfect aesthetic to fully immerse the audience in the world of the story. As pre-production continues we have an ever-growing list of set decoration, costumes, and props (a lot of which appear on our inspiration board). We understand that a simple prop can be just as telling of a character's nature as a line of dialogue. It's the small things like Samuel L. Jackson's wallet in Pulp Fiction or Wilson from Castaway that make a film truly memorable.