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  • Alberta
  • 8 minutes 53 seconds
  • Animation

Monster Space Bungalow is a children’s comedy about monsters, space, and maybe the most magical thing of all; soul crushing boredom. It's the story of a rag tag group of friends, lost in space, burning time until they can find a place to call home.

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Monsters living in a bungalow adrift in space burn time as they wait to run into a planet they can call home.


A dilapidated bungalow floats past a star field. All quiet, except for the chirp of a keyboard and the clang of someone in the kitchen doing everyone's dishes… again. The occupants are a lot like you and I, just a little furrier and way, way more monstery. Monsters waiting to find, or crash into, a planet they can call home. How did they get there? That’s a really good question. What will they do when they find a home? Probably hunt down a working shower. Monster Space Bungalow is a family friendly short rooted in the tone and practical effects of old school Sesame street/muppets style puppetry. Physical sets, hand-crafted puppets, and custom music all working together to tell a story. Specifically the story of a Monster Space Bungalow. In space. Full of monsters. But not scary.


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Created By

Jordan Bloemen
Jordan Bloemen

Children 5-12
8 minutes


Our awesome team includes an experienced filmmaker who will operate the moving picture box, a writer/musician/sound guy to make it sound pretty, and one practical effects wiz who will make these monsters come to life but not in a terrifying way.

Jordan Bloemen

Jordan Bloemen

Project Lead

Production Design