The Third Bandit


    Runaway bandits, Lara and Charlie, are taken in by a cult-like family, only to be exploited by its charismatic leader. During an ill-fated bank heist, the duo kidnaps a stranger. The unlikely trio are now forced to unite in order to save themselves.

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    The Third Bandit

    • British-Columbia
    • Length: 10 minutes 0 seconds
    • Director: David I Strasser
    • Actors: Starring Will Kemp, Jesse Platt, Samantha Hum, and Tavis Morton
    • Genre: Drama
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    Pitch Video

    A chaotic coming-of-age tragedy: Three banks; Three days; Three bandits.

    Genre: Drama
    Target Audience: Adults
    Target Length: 10 minutes
    Budget: $10,000

    Created By

    David I Strasser ,  British-Columbia


    Runaway teenagers, Lara and Charlie Morgan, travel across the B.C. Coastal Mountains on a chaotic and drug-fuelled bank robbing spree. Taken in by a cult-like family, they become indebted to it's charismatic leader, Bishop Donovan, a counter-culture crusader turned crime lord. Meanwhile, Andrew Boone, a disgraced rookie police officer, having lost his fiancee and his career, finds himself face-to-face with the bandits in a serendipitous collision of worlds. With no other options, the three are forced to unite together to free themselves from Donovan's grip: three banks; three days; three bandits. Will Kemp (Van Helsing, Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce) has been cast to play Donovan Bishop.


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