Don't Walk Among The Dead Box Art image
  • Alberta
  • 10 minutes 25 seconds
  • Satinder Kassoana
  • Drama

Struggling to find a safe haven in an ice cold post-apocalyptic world, a young girl crosses paths with a deranged survivor who forces her to choose between her sick sister's life or her own survival

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Three survivors in a post apocalyptic world. Strict rules of survival. Until it comes to their own turn.


Two sisters Molly (16) and Jasmine (18), a stranger, Joseph (45), are three apocalyptic world survivors in search of a safe haven. The film is set in winter clad abandoned Alberta. When Jasmine gets infected with a contagious virus, Joseph talks Molly into killing her. From here, we see a mentor/student relationship between Joseph and Molly in a very philosophical and poetic way. In this harsh environment, as they travel together, Joseph and Molly seek their family in each other. On their way, Molly's innocent questions reveal human fears and doubts, while Joseph's answers reveal wisdom and serenity. But soon the situation turns awkward when one of them gets infected. Will they follow the rules they made? Or will the infected talk his/her way out of it?


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Created By

Satinder Kassoana

10 minutes


Join our amazing team of film enthusiasts for this amazing post apocalyptic short film. Are you an awesome cinematographer, a background score producer or a sound recordist? Hop on!! Contact us today.

Satinder Kassoana

Satinder Kassoana

Project Lead, Director, Editor, Writer

Amair Javaid

Amair Javaid

Production Design

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