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  • Alberta
  • Must Be Tuesday
  • Princess Charming
  • 3 min. 43 seconds
  • Singer-Songwriter

A celebration of personal identity set to Must Be Tuesday's Princess Charming. Featuring performers from Toy Guns Dance Theatre, concept and direction by Jake W Hastey and shot in the Stony Plain public library.

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A celebration of personal identity that breaks gender stereotypes.



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Created By

Jake Hastey
Jake Hastey


Jamie Price

Jamie Price


Jamie Price

Must Be Tuesday is a solo alternative folk act from Edmonton!!

About the song

The song is about the journey of a young person who is unable to be held back by traditional gender roles. Our video will be a fairy tale fantasy that will follow different characters through a cityscape as they find the joy in expressing all the aspects of who they are. It will finish with a choreographed dance scene of epic proportion!


Jake Hastey

Jake Hastey

Project Lead

Jake Hastey

My bowels are like a hive of stories just waiting to get out and Storyhive is like a liter of prune juice.

Why I want to work with Must Be Tuesday

I first met Jamie when we saw his incredible performance at Edmonton's Loud and Queer Cabaret in 2014. I was blown away by his ability to create compelling narratives in songs that challenge societal stereotypes. We have been collaborating on this video ever since, in addition to him writing an original song for my recent Toy Guns live show.

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