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  • Alberta
  • Arlo Maverick
  • MORE
  • 5 min. 53 seconds
  • Wade Tompkins
  • Hip Hop

More is part of the Maybe Tomorrow project. A young artist's encounter with his schoolyard bullies has a chain effect on the people within his community

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"More" explores Soup's [protagonist/ Maybe Tomorrow] childhood as we look into 4 people's lives and how they intertwine.

Hip Hop


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Created By

Wade Tompkins
Wade Tompkins


Arlo Maverick

Arlo Maverick

Band, Artist

Arlo Maverick

My current album is a multi-platform narrative that uses music, photos, poetry, social media, film and video to tell a complete story.

About the song

“More” is a song that looks back at the childhood of Maybe Tomorrow's protagonist when his single mom couldn’t afford to buy things he often wished for. Verse 1 looks at back to school, Verse 2 looks at birthdays and Verse 3 looks at Christmas. More shows the character acknowledging his mother’s efforts to teach him the value of money and family.


Wade Tompkins

Wade Tompkins

Project Lead

Wade Tompkins

Director & Writer that has worked on delivering a message and content in creative and engaging ways in over 100 projects with Flavor.

Why I want to work with Arlo Maverick

Arlo and Flavor have a long history of working together. As we've produced better and better results we've become more and more ambitious! Now with the Album Maybe Tomorrow, Arlo wants to hit the international stage with music, visuals and story telling that is impactful. That means we need bigger and better videos to accompany his amazing album.

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