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  • British-Columbia
  • Golden Ears
  • Falling for the Evening
  • 5 min. 24 seconds
  • Evan Bourque
  • Pop

The official music video for Golden Ears debut single “Falling for the Evening."

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With the help of the Vancouver creative community, we will turn a house slated for demolition, into visual art.



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Created By

Golden Ears
Golden Ears


Golden Ears

Golden Ears

Project Lead, Director, Production Design, Sound Engineer, Band

Golden Ears

We are Golden Ears, an electronic Pop Duo based out of Vancouver.

About the song

The song "Falling for the Evening" discusses how there is always a disconnect between us and those we love. We can never perfectly understand each other. Each room of the house will be given to an artist to do with as they please. We plan on capturing this as it happens and hope to came away with a beautiful piece of art.


Evan Bourque

Evan Bourque

Director, Production Manager

Evan Bourque

Evan is a director with a deep love for baked goods.

Why I want to work with Golden Ears

On it's own, music stimulates emotions that we never knew we could feel, However, a song can take on a whole new meaning when a visual element is introduced. We want to partner with Golden Ears to extend the emotions that Falling for the Evening makes us feel but in a visual context.

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