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  • Alberta
  • Every Hour Kills
  • 4 min. 36 seconds
  • Douglas Cook
  • Hard Rock

Three robotic surveillance cameras protrude around the band. The entire music video is captured through unusual, yet striking angles. The resulting digitally distorted and pixelated frames they create are odd ... yet hauntingly beautiful.

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50% human performance 50% captured by robotic surveillance cameras. Resulting frames are odd, yet haunting beautiful!

Hard Rock


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Created By

Doug Cook
Doug Cook


Every Hour Kills

Every Hour Kills

Writer, Sound Engineer, Social Media Strategist, Band

Every Hour Kills

Simple; we are delivering world-class Metal with an EDM twist that ignites a fire in anyone that hears it. The music will tell you the rest.

About the song

The song is about addictions, vices & demons - The video - metal poles mounted with surveillance cameras protrude around the band. Cameras pan and tilt - typical of older generation of surveillance cameras. The video is 50% based on human performance and the other fifty is captured by the robotic surveillance cameras … thus creating “Almost Human".


Doug Cook

Doug Cook

Project Lead, Director, Editor, Producer

Doug Cook

In an "it's been done before" world, obscurity is hard to come by and director Doug Cook is forging forward, ambitious & hungry.

Why I want to work with Every Hour Kills

These guys are an awesome breath of fresh air. It’s low-tuned progressive-type hard rock that relies on vocal hooks so much as it does infectious riffing to keep the song structure constantly fresh and interesting. Oh, and the lyrics are coherently thought out and well written. Their music sticks in your brain like gum sticks to your shoe!

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Production Design