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  • British-Columbia
  • Pancake Manor
  • Blue
  • 3 min. 34 seconds
  • Reb Stevenson
  • Pop

Take a fantastic voyage through sky, sea and space to learn about the colour blue with Pancake Manor characters Zach, Reggie and Lulu.

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Our characters Zach, Reggie and Lulu explore the colour blue in a beautiful animated world.



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Created By

Reb Stevenson
Reb Stevenson


Pancake Manor

Pancake Manor
Vancouver Island


Pancake Manor

Pancake Manor creates original pop music for kids and their awesome parents.

About the song

"Blue" is a song from Pancake Manor's new "Colors" album, a themed pop album for preschoolers that explores the rainbow. With a slower, whimsical tone and references to the sea and space, "Blue" is well suited to an animated treatment. We plan to give it a modern, flat look with texture. Fans will delight in seeing our characters animated in 2d!


Reb Stevenson

Reb Stevenson
Vancouver Island

Project Lead

Reb Stevenson

Entertainment for toddlers that doesn't make parents want to throw a tantrum.

Why I want to work with Pancake Manor

Pancake Manor is a smash hit YouTube series for preschoolers with a global fan base and nearly 100 million views. With a sound that's influenced by Weezer, The Ramones and the best of the '80s, Pancake Manor is palatable for parents, too.

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