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  • Alberta
  • Jr Gone Wild
  • Cannibal Cafe
  • 3 min. 19 seconds
  • Marc J Chalifoux
  • Alternative

Innocent diners eat a strange form of meat that transforms them, while music lures them to an isolated barn where they face an unknown fate. Edmonton legends Jr.Gone Wild put their own spin on S.N.F.U.'s quirky 1985 classic Cannibal Café.

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Music, Meat, and Mayhem in a Prairie Gothic B-Movie Style Feast for the Music Mad Senses



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Created By

Marc J Chalifoux


Jr Gone Wild

Jr Gone Wild

Band, Artist

Jr Gone Wild

JGW have been there, done that,came out the other side with their sense of humour intact. Authenticity and laughs is what we'll bring...

About the song

The scene is prairie gothic B-Movie. The video starts in a diner. The food in this diner causes the patrons transform into frenzied creatures that are compelled to drop what they are doing and head down a long prairie highway to a farmyard. At the end of their journey is a massive barn dance where an uncertain fate awaits.


Marc J Chalifoux

Marc J Chalifoux

Project Lead, Director, Writer, Camera Operator, Producer

Marc J Chalifoux

As a content creator I can generate and support original ideas and have the skills as a camera operator to give life to those ideas

Why I want to work with Jr Gone Wild

Jr. Gone Wild been part of the Edmonton music scene since 1984. They have recently reunited (2013) and are currently writing amazing new material. We love the music and the current momentum behind these Edmonton legends!

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