You Didnt Make Me Box Art image
  • Alberta
  • Andrea Nixon
  • You Didnt Make Me
  • 3 min. 48 seconds
  • Justin Brunelle
  • Country

Our story centers on the theme of intimidation & our collective response. It depicts a troubled woman inspired by a brave, young girl and singer who leads a movement to empower people to stand up for themselves and proclaim “aint gonna break me”!

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You didn't make me, you ain't gonna break me!



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Created By

Justin Brunelle
Justin Brunelle


Andrea Nixon

Andrea Nixon


Andrea Nixon

Andrea Nixon lays twang,croon & quiver atop simple yet profound stories delivering them with enthusiasm, authenticity & a fresh perspective.

About the song

"You Didn't Make Me" is an anthem written to empower. The song weaves together the stories of three different characters who face intimidation. The three are united by one strong declaration, "You didn't make me, you ain't gonna break me!"


Justin Brunelle

Justin Brunelle

Project Lead

Justin Brunelle

Passion for what you do is key. I am an experienced film director who loves telling powerful stories through beautiful imagery and passion.

Why I want to work with Andrea Nixon

Andrea Nixon writes captivating, story-driven songs. The strong melodies provide the backdrop for important messages and critical questions, like how does one speak their truth in the face of intimidation and criticism? This music video is an opportunity to make a visually stunning & inspiring representation illuminating the story behind this song.

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