Outside People

    Pitch Video

    How the homeless see our community and how we see theirs. Developing realistic understanding between "them and us".

    Genre: Documentary
    Target Audience: Adults
    Target Length: 60 minutes
    Budget: $50,000

    Created By

    Igor Kostin ,  British-Columbia


    Our Community consists of smaller overlapping societies. But there is a society, the homeless, we avoid, ignore and neglect. Do we recognize them as part of our community or its outcasts? Does their society have its own rules and procedures? What perspectives do they have on their own future? How does our Community look from their point of view? What can realistically be done to cure this important social problem? We will seek honest answers from homeless people, social workers and others in our integrated community.

    The Team

    A group of dedicated artistic humanitarians doing their best to tell stories that are realistic, truthful and effective tools to inspire and educate the public so that innovative action is taken.