Merritt Speedway

    Pitch Video

    Meet the eccentric community of hobby dirt track racing leading up to the Invitational with high competition and chaos.

    Genre: Documentary
    Target Audience: Adults
    Target Length: 30 minutes
    Budget: $50,000

    Created By

    Cheyenne Scott ,  British-Columbia


    Merritt Speedway is home to a motley crew of hobby dirt track racing. It is a bare bones, hand made, dirt track that is in existence because of the contributions of the vibrant community. Our heroes and villains will battle it out at the Bill John Memorial Invitational. Light-hearted rivalries are at their peak with a cash prize on the line and nothing to lose at the last race of the season. After all, half the fun is rebuilding the vehicle for next season. This documentary will take you from the individual drivers shops leading up to the competition to a front row seat in the pits on race day.

    The Team

    We are a team of powerful storytellers with complimentary skills. We are seeking an Editor and First AC based in the Kamloops region to fulfill our vision.

    Community Relevancy

    Production Design