Our unshakeable heroine arrives at the shores of an unknown country where she must conquer towering peaks, traverse deep forests and even transcend space-time itself all in the quest to find her lost love

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    • British-Columbia
    • Artist: Windmills
    • Title: Shame
    • Length: 4 min. 25 seconds
    • Director: Brandon Fletcher
    • Genre: Indie
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    Pitch Video

    Our heroine arrives at the shore of mysterious country, following the signs on her search to save her lost love.

    Genre: Indie

    Music Lead



    Massive soundscapes inspire massive visuals. I write music to provoke emotions. I call it moody indie swoon pop. windmills keep moving.

    About the song

    Vast and explorative, "Shame" is pushing through the mistakes we've made as imperfect beings in the pursuit of love, even in the face of great personal risk. Expansive aerial shots and intimate close-ups of our heroin while she traverses ocean, wilderness, mountains and eventually another dimension using strange technical or magical objects.

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    Video Lead

    Brandon Fletcher

    Brandon Fletcher

    I bring years of experience, unique networks, and creative problem solving to any project.

    Why I want to work with Windmills

    We've been friends since Cory began Windmills years ago and we've watched each other grow creatively through that time. I find a kindred spirit in the way Cory structures his songs with (literal and figurative) layers and meaning. I know the combination storytelling of his sounds and my vision will create a genuine adventure, epic in scope.

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    The Team

    We're Cory and Brandon. Cory's music features layers. Brandon's videos do too, really. Together we have a pretty great music video idea that we think will inspire you like it's inspired us. We're eager to bring our vision to your various screens!


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