Pitch Video

    Community is built by neighbours, who are the people of Lake Country? How do we connect and support our neighbours?

    Genre: Documentary
    Target Audience: All Audiences
    Target Length: 60 minutes
    Budget: $50,000

    Created By

    Alison Beaumont ,  British-Columbia


    Neighbours are integral to community and supports, yet we often don't have time in our busy lives to spend and get to know them. When we create connection we build community spirit, the intent of the work is to bring community together and recognize individual experiences of neighbours and share with the broader community to create a more inclusive and connected area. A snapshot of the Lake Country community from the perspective of neighbours, creating a video directory of their faces and sounds. The initial 10 neighbours interviewed as part of the work "Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours" were women within my network in Oyama & Winfield (part of Lake Country), growing the project organically, I would ask those 10 to introduce me to a further 10, so and so forth.


    Neighbours project so far...

    The Team

    Hello, I am a team of one and a half with my son Eddie (7). I will be covering most roles, my son will be part of my team helping with sound, interviews and creative direction. We are looking for individuals in Lake Country to help build this team!