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    When the 90s are outlawed, 90s kids will become outlaws.

    Genre: Indie

    Music Lead

    Success 5000

    Success 5000

    In a world where remembering the 90s is a federal offence, only the musical hilarity of Success 5000 stands against the tyrannical regime.

    About the song

    1997 is a comedy-rock anthem celebrating the greatest year in the entirety of human history. The song channels 90s nostalgia into sharp, clever humour, all set to a ridiculously catchy hook. To compliment this, our video will follow the efforts of a small, illegal resistance in a dystopian future where the 90s have been outlawed.

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    Video Lead

    Katie Cutting

    Katie Cutting

    I'm a practiced one-girl-crew who brings to set a tech and rental house background, an eye for angles, and a Mountain Dew addiction.

    Why I want to work with Success 5000

    This duo is quickly taking over the Edmonton scene with their wit and charm. They've proven themselves not only fun to work with, but also professional and brilliantly gifted musicians. This song and video concept are perfectly paired, paying homage to all my favourite pop culture. This is the most exciting project I've ever been asked to shoot.

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    The Team

    Success 5000 and Lazy Kitten Productions have already partnered on several hilarious projects, but we've never had ten grand to blow on one, so this should be good.


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