The Healing Dance


    Rosie, a young Anishinaabe girl, learns the origins of jingle dancing from her Nookomis the night before dancing in her first pow wow.

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    The Healing Dance

    • British-Columbia
    • Length: 4:17
    • Director: Shaelyn Johnston
    • Actors: ROSIE: Kailani Austin NOOKOMIS: Monica M. Benson MOTHER: Nicole Cardinal FATHER & MC: Douglas Treloar
    • Genre: Animation
    • Topics: Multicultural
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    Pitch Video

    A young girl learns about the origins of jingle dancing as she prepares to dance in her first pow wow.

    Genre: Animation
    Target Audience: All Audiences
    Target Length: 8 minutes
    Budget: $20,000

    Created By

    Shaelyn Johnston ,  British-Columbia


    Rosie is a young girl who is called to dance. She narrates her journey as she prepares to dance in her first pow wow: from the drumming that called out to her, to learning to jingle dance from her mom, to making her dress. Just before she steps into the dance circle, she visits her Nookomis (Grandmother), who tells Rosie the history of jingle dancing and why it's known as The Healing Dance. When Rosie is concerned that she doesn't know anyone who is sick, Nookomis tells Rosie that she'll dance for those that need to heal from loss, from trauma, from the past. Rosie gets worried - that feels like a lot of pressure, but Nookomis reminds her that the dance called out to her, and now it's time to answer. She can do it. She can heal.

    The Team

    Aanii! Hello! Our team currently consists of a writer/director and animator. We're looking forward to bringing this beautiful, animated short to life. If you'd like to be a part of our story, get in touch! Miigwech!