Lay Beneath the Plough Box Art image
  • British-Columbia
  • Shane Abram Nelken
  • Lay Beneath the Plough
  • 3 min. 50 seconds
  • Patrick Carroll
  • Singer-Songwriter

Ten year old Julie hides from the world, and herself, behind a fox mask. She believes everyone she meets is a threat. Can she reveal who she is and drop the mask?

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11 year old Julie hides from the world and herself behind a fox mask. Can she reveal who she is and drop the mask?



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Shane's latest album is Your War is at Home
THE NEW BLACK - Shipwreck, directed by Patrick Carroll
SWANK - How Do We Do, also directed by Patrick Carroll

Created By

Patrick Carroll
Patrick Carroll


Shane Abram Nelken

Shane Abram Nelken


Shane Abram Nelken

With this song/video we hope to raise awareness and encourage dialogue regarding depression/mental health issues as they affect young people

About the song

"Lay Beneath the Plough" is an intimate meditation on friendship, childhood and depression. The video will present an uneasy world where both Julie and the viewer are uncertain of the intentions of everyone she meets.


Patrick Carroll

Patrick Carroll

Project Lead, Director

Patrick Carroll

Experienced, creative, committed. Able to work to a budget.

Why I want to work with Shane Abram Nelken

More People should hear Shane Sing. "There’s no shortage of sadness or heartache in the world, or, adversely, wit and repartee, but there are few albums as singular and striking as Shane Abram Nelken‘s solo debut, Your War Is At Home." - Vivascene.

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