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    The internal battle of body image: what you see in the mirror is not necessarily what is reality.

    Genre: Alternative

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    I am a jill-of-all-trades multimedia artist and can help out film and/or musical projects in a number of unique ways.

    About the song

    The concept for “Beautiful” is a psychological delve into the high-fashion shoot. It is inspired by the fashion and production sense of a Lady Gaga or Pink video, but adding social commentary in the hopes of empowering viewers. Many people, of all genders, are affected by a skewed vision of reality, and what is considered to be “beautiful”. The reasons why people don’t see themselves as beautiful are varied. We as individuals can either accept the societal standard and let it rule our perceptions of ourselves, or we can accept that everyone is different and take steps towards creating the version of ourselves that make us happy. With this music video and song, I seek to empower those who live with distorted images of themselves in their minds.

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    Video Lead

    Nina Hirten

    Nina Hirten

    The one woman production machine: Illustrator, director, AD, editor, composer, vfx... You need it? I can do it.

    Why I want to work with DEROSNEC

    The musician is myself - this would be the fourth music video that I've fully produced, directed, and performed in, and my following has been steadily gaining over the past few months.

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