Bob Sumner Sings ' Wasted Love Songs' - Worn Down Boy

    Pitch Video

    Classic Theme. Classic tune. Worn down boy is just that. A lonely young man. A honky tonk. A band. A beautiful woman.

    Genre: Americana

    Music Lead

    Bob Sumner

    Bob Sumner

    We will make a timeless video for a timeless song.

    About the song

    Written about the age old story of so many songwriters. Hard living. Fast times. Youth. Somewhere along the way those ways turn old and the booze and cigarettes turn stale.

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    Video Lead

    Rob Zawistowski

    I want to tell stories, and work with talented people that I can learn from, and simultaneously provide value to as a DOP.

    Why I want to work with Bob Sumner

    Bob's music lends itself beautifully to cinema. The combination is obvious. Hazy sepia tones in a smoky bar coupled with Bob's sad, heart on his sleeve voice singing the down on his luck song of the everyman.

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    The Team

    We have a talented and professional cinematographer in Robert Zawiski, a brilliant creative mind in Director Elliot C. Way and heartwrenching songwriter in Bob Sumner. Our producer Carmen Gill is a powerhouse and keeps the ship afloat.