Ignite a Fire

    Pitch Video

    Her ancestors started a fire so powerful to last generations, and now it is her time to continue to Ignite the fire.

    Genre: RnB

    Music Lead

    Tammy Lamouche

    Tammy Lamouche

    I'm a singer/songwriter that uses music as a creative outlet to share my story in the hope of empowering and inspiring others.

    About the song

    A woman’s story as an intergenerational trauma survivor. She struggled to find herself as she transitions from a child to youth. As an adult she finds her healing through her Cree language and maintaining a connection to the land. It is high above in the mountains where she hears that voice - her responsibility to continue Ignite the fire.

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    Video Lead

    Delilah Mah

    Delilah Mah

    I am well organized and good at working in a team. I am photographer and artist with my own business.

    Why I want to work with Tammy Lamouche

    We want to work with Tammy Lamouche because she is a gifted artist and she shares a message that offers hope and healing to others through her music. Tammy has been writing and recording songs and we want to help her release her first music video. With us, her fans, to create our first music video and share this experience together.

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    The Team

    Indigenous people telling Indigenous stories. Our culture has always used music as a medium to tell stories and we are happy to continue that tradition.