Deep Water

    Pitch Video

    Drowning in an ocean of fear and shame from an abusive relationship, Rebecca found strength and refused to give in.

    Genre: Singer-Songwriter

    Music Lead

    Rebecca Lappa

    I want to move people emotionally and move people to action. My music will reach into your soul and Storyhive will bring it to life.

    About the song

    The song is an account of traumatic moments Lappa experienced with an abusive partner. When she was re-experiencing those moments as flashbacks Lappa said “it felt like I was plunged into ice cold water. I was suffocating and fighting for my mental survival”. Drowning in an ocean of fear, anger and shame she found strength and refused to give in.

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    Video Lead

    Richard Cui

    Richard Cui

    Community-focused, with an undying thirst for imaginative creative, I strive to provide unique opportunities for those who need it most.

    Why I want to work with Rebecca Lappa

    Rebecca Lappa is raw, real and is inspiring young women with her music. "Deep Water" reveals her own true story of rising above an abusive relationship. With the global #metoo movement, we know this is a story that happens all too often and must be heard. Her undying commitment to her message inspires us, and aligns with our values as creators.

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    The Team

    Rebecca Lappa's story of surviving her abusive relationship will inspire women, and men worldwide. We've assembled a team of people who's values align with community and the #metoo movement, to help tell her story in the most creative way possible.


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