Julie Newmar's Guitar

    Pitch Video

    On a Cold Winters Night a very sexy Burlesque Dancer is found dead back stage. Que Music to find out who done it!

    Genre: Rock

    Music Lead

    The 427's

    The 427's

    The 427's create instrumental music with a strong focus on visuals inspired by 1960s surf, film noir, hot rod, and motorcycle culture.

    About the song

    Julie Newmar is an actress famous for her roles like the Original Cat Woman. Her image evokes a by gone smoke filled room era, and the music that accompanied it. "I wanted to create a Film Noir vibe using Surf Guitar with the addition of Horns & Piano" says Rob Day of the 427's, "It's inspired by the work of John Barry of James Bond fame".

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    Video Lead

    Doug Hayden

    Doug Hayden

    In-Houze Productions produces visually compelling content with a focus on Cultural, Real Estate, Life style, Culinary & the Beverage Scene.

    Why I want to work with The 427's

    Instrumental Surf Rock is a genre onto its own. The 427's are an Alberta based group keeping the genre alive and progressing. The music and times of Film Noir helped inspire several of the 427's songs including and Julie Newmar's Guitar. The band created a track that ignites the emotions reminiscent of Film Noir. Let's bring it to life!

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    The Team

    We are an experienced and very collaborative group who love Old Movies, Surf Music, Bond Films, and Counter Culture. We will be looking for Burlesque and Jazz Dancers.