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    Lost in a cold empty world, a woman comes to the realization that she is giving away herself, undeservingly.

    Genre: Indie

    Music Lead

    Ger Carriere

    Ger Carriere

    I am an Indigenous woman, I want to be free from the box the world has placed us in to be domesticated and controlled. My music is my freedo

    About the song

    In a modern world where the expectation is, as an Indigenous woman, to be domesticated but the desire is to be a wild woman - strong and free. She is on a quest for self-love and freedom, discovering who she is and learning her worth.

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    Video Lead

    Aretha Greatrix

    Aretha Greatrix

    I am a divergent thinker. You don't always have to go through the front door. There are many ways to achieve success.

    Why I want to work with Ger Carriere

    We want to work with Ger Carriere because she is a strong Indigenous voice that uses her gifts to reclaim the Indigenous matriarchy. Ger has been working on her first album and we want to help her release her first music video. With us, her fans, to create our first music video and share this experience together.

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    The Team

    Indigenous people telling Indigenous stories. Our culture has always used music as a medium to tell stories and we are happy to continue that tradition.


    Production Design