Forgotten Heroes

    Pitch Video

    First Canadian pop song ever written to pay tribute to and remind us of the Canadian Hong Kong veterans in World War II

    Genre: Pop

    Music Lead

    Koreen Perry

    Koreen Perry

    I'm a recording artist/singer-songwriter/actress. I release songs to radio Canada-wide. I also love doing fantastic music videos for them!

    About the song

    About 2,000 Canadian soldiers were sent off to aid the defense of Hong Kong in October 1941. They arrived Hong Kong in late November. The Hong Kong battle broke out soon after the Pearl Harbor attack. They fought bravely alongside the allies for about 2 weeks, sadly Hong Kong surrendered on Xmas day. Over 500 Canadians were killed and 500 wounded.

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    Video Lead

    Paul Cheung

    Paul Cheung

    I am a trail blazer with diverse skills in production and wide social network. I can make things happen with scarce resources. I can act 2!!

    Why I want to work with Koreen Perry

    It just happened Koreen and I have military members in our families. We both recognize the contribution of our military to world peace. So I invited Koreen to write and sing this song to pay tribute to the unsung Canadian heroes in the unknown Hong Kong battle in World War II.

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    The Team

    If you are a skillful animator or illustrator, come join us create this amazing music video tribute. Learn from history and make history. Contact Project Lead for details.