Without Your Love

    Pitch Video

    Four members of a cult go out into the world thinking they are alone but end up finding love in unexpected places.

    Genre: Pop

    Music Lead

    Evan Freeman

    Evan Freeman

    Creating excellent music to soundtrack film projects, and building dynamic creative teams to produce high-quality videos.

    About the song

    Without Your Love is a retro-futurist pop anthem, delivering a proclamation of the power of love. It is a danceable, atmospheric, uplifting track, inspired by Evan's connection to his wife, Erin. Nonetheless, the message is universal and it is that message of transformative love that inspired the idea for the video.

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    Video Lead

    Eric Pauls

    Eric Pauls

    I've written, composed and directed, features, shorts, and docs that have had festival success, awards and found audiences around the world.

    Why I want to work with Evan Freeman

    I have seen the hard work Evan has put into creating and promoting his music over the past few years and it has inspired my own creative output. When he showed me his new single I was blown away by its quality and the picture it painted. The idea for the video came to me almost immediately and I jumped at the chance to work with a pro like Evan.

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