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    Many parents walk out on their children. This is the story of one day burned into the memory of a child.

    Genre: Indie

    Music Lead

    Dylan Shay

    Dylan Shay

    I can do lead vocals, background vox, spoken word and keyboards (piano, electronic).

    About the song

    The song is about a young child's memory of the day her father left after promising that everything would be ok. The song is portrayed in a third person narrative with burned in memories acted out while the singer is in the scene. Scenes include: the arguments remembered of the two parents, the colour of the sky, the words spoken and broken.

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    Video Lead



    I have over 25 years of high end production skills. I am a Film Production instructor for the Calgary Board of Education. I own my own gear.

    Why I want to work with Dylan Shay

    This music is current yet with a 70's vibe and has something to say about an important and all too common topic. Many songs today have superficial lyrics but this song is able to articulate, in an artistic way, an important issue. I found it struck a chord.

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    The Team

    We have the skills and ideas to deliver an awesome video.


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