45 Kool Ade

    Pitch Video

    On an important drive, a guy gets help from a diverse group of young people in avoiding an orange dumpster on fire.

    Genre: Rock

    Music Lead



    Musician, songwriter, composer. I push faders @ crew-studios.com, and suggest records at Highlife Records. Let's collaborate.

    About the song

    45 Kool Ade is a reaction to the election of Trump. From my perspective, his supporters seem kind of delusional due to his demagoguery and social/mass-media manipulation. I want my American friends to know that Canadians like me are worried, even angry. I hope this will help underline the importance of voting - in the USA & in all democracies.

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    Video Lead

    Ellie Harvie

    Ellie Harvie

    While transitioning from actor to director I can share my vast onscreen experience with emerging artists as I hone new skills.

    Why I want to work with A-DUB

    The political message excites me - overcome all obstacles and VOTE. Exercising our right and duty in a democracy. Elections matter. This song is catchy. It touches on the debacle in the US without hitting it over the head. It rallies us to take hold of change. Us. Everyday people. Andy & Tom's video vision is clear and fun and entertaining!!

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    The Team

    We have a very experienced team assembled. But all positions are not yet filled. We're interested in a motion graphics expert for a Guy Ritchie-style credits sequence, and an Editor with Edgar Wright-style sensibilities. Contact us if interested.


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