Body Gold

    Pitch Video

    A narrative performance piece with contemporary dance that tells the story of finding grace in a harrowing relationship.

    Genre: Hip Hop

    Music Lead



    Multi-genre instrumentalist songwriter mixing lyrical rap flow with smooth vocal melodies.

    About the song

    Body Gold is about surrendering; letting go of emotional baggage and coming to a place of raw, authentic vulnerability. It is here where we fully share our truth and openly receive others. This is the first bilingual song I've ever written with French lyrics, paying homage to my heritage and what is widely referred to as the "language of love".

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    Video Lead

    Angie Nolan

    Angie Nolan

    My creative vision draws largely from a connection to the poetry of human interaction and in turn steers my whimsical style of storytelling.

    Why I want to work with Lozen

    Lozen is an artist who is truly in her own lane. I fell in love with Body Gold the minute I heard it and really want to bring it to life visually. The lyrics represent a personal story for Lozen and the tone is so aligned with the visuals of a narrative theatre piece I wrote for the stage called Baggage Claim, that it's a match made in GOLD!

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