I Am Rare


    The true story of a family struggling to find out why their son’s health is rapidly declining. Their boy is slowly dying, and they don’t know why. This story aims to bring awareness to rare diseases and the struggles a family face with them.

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    I Am Rare

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    A family struggles to discover what’s wrong with their son’s health before it is too late. A drama based on true events.

    Genre: Drama
    Target Audience: Adults
    Target Length: 10 minutes
    Budget: $10,000

    Created By

    Heidi Ellen ,  Alberta


    According to the National Institute of Health (NIH) Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center (GARD) there are an estimated 20 million people affected by rare diseases. 95% of Rare diseases do not have approved treatment. This dramatic short film sheds light on the struggles families face when confronted with a lesser known disease. The results are often fatal when trying to pinpoint an illness that is not well known as there is not always the medical expertise available for a speedy diagnosis. I Am Rare is a story about a family’s true to life experience of their son’s rare diagnosis, their struggles, and their resilience.


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    The National Institutes of Health and Rare Diseases Info

    The Team

    Our production team is all female. She Wolf Media aims to create quality film while empowering women to tell meaningful stories.

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