Ruminations Of A Farmhouse Haunted

    Pitch Video

    Jane, a college student, discovers a book with no known origin, leading her to discover the truth of an urban legend.

    Genre: Drama
    Target Audience: Youth 12-17
    Target Length: 10 minutes
    Budget: $10,000

    Created By

    Josef Wright ,  Alberta


    A ghost story comes to life when Jane, a student, unearths a book telling a local urban legend in her small college town. She is confident and deductive, and remains firm in her convictions. It is only when the reality she exists in begins to crumble around her, and the truly unexplainable begins to occur that she starts to lose her grip on what is actually happening to her- and the para-dimensional beings behind it all. The budget for the project affords us the ability to work on 16mm film. This medium is accessible to us through connections we have here at Panavision, who is willing to work with our budget. This organic aesthetic discerns a unique look, which has been used in films like Black Swan, The Walking Dead, and Moonrise Kingdom, which this film draws inspiration from.


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