Heal and Ignite Across Canada

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    Join Danielle Arsenault, Raw Food Chef and Educator on a cross-Canada culinary adventure series that uncovers and rediscovers nutrient-dense plants and herbs that heal the body and ignite the spirit while guiding us towards a happier self

    Genre: Documentary
    Target Audience: Adults
    Target Length: 10 minutes
    Budget: $40,000

    Created By

    Danielle Arsenault ,  British-Columbia


    Join Danielle Arsenault as she begins her journey in search for the best-kept culinary secrets and wild foods that grow on Vancouver Island. We will discover that changing our diet is not easy but everyone begins somewhere and if you have the motivation to improve your health, we on an adventure to support each other. We will meet with Shawna Barker BSc., RHN, expert in plant-based nutrition and discover the wild edibles available on the island. Once we have foraged just enough, we will get into the kitchen and create “The Buddha Bowl”. We'll also be creating a healthy version of a Nanaimo bar in homage to the creation of this delicious treat. After we dine together in spirit of community and good food, we'll embark on a canyoning adventure, rappelling down the waterfalls of Looper Creek.


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    Heal and Ignite Across Canada

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    We have a solid team but are looking for another skilled camera operator to join us on days where the primary DOP is unable to join us.

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