Diaries of Badass Chicks


    Alex, a 30-year old law student gets back into motocross racing. She finds new friends, but also experiences the ups and downs of being a woman in a male-dominated sport. Every episode tells a different story that is based on real life.

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    Diaries of Badass Chicks

    • British-Columbia
    • Length: 8 min. 33 sec.
    • Actors: Eline Mets, Kaitlyn McCready
    • Genre: Drama
    • Topics: Sports
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    Pitch Video

    Follow the victories and mishaps of female dirt bike rider Alex as she navigates the fast-paced world of motocross.

    Type: Web Series
    Genre: Drama
    Target Audience: All Audiences
    Target Length: 8 minutes
    Budget: $10,000

    Created By

    Eline Mets ,  British-Columbia


    This is about women who ride dirt bikes and race them—women who have to go to work on Monday and leave it all on the track on the weekend. They ride for the sheer fun of it and take risks for the passion of the sport. These are their stories. This web series follows Alex into the fast-paced world of motocross, where she meets new riders Amanda and Zoe. They share triumphs and mishaps both on and off the track, often learning the hard way that motocross can be a real boy’s club. Every episode is a story on its own, filled with action, stunts, and real life stories.


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    This is one badass team you must watch! Our combined experience and shared passion for motorsport will bring to life a project the likes of which people have not yet seen on Storyhive!

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