Lux - Me


    Aru and Noori, both download a social dating app, and get pulled into a world of augmented reality. Everything falls apart, when Aru begins to change his visible stats around different people, to feel accepted in different groups.

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    Lux - Me

    • British-Columbia
    • Length: 10 min. 3 sec.
    • Actors: Praneet Akilla, Prabhjot Nijjar, Prashant Patel, Rami Kahlon, Arundeep Sandhu, Melvin Voon, Ashley Chodat, Wahid Ibn Reza
    • Genre: Comedy
    • Topics: Multicultural
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    Pitch Video

    Two young South Asians navigate the world of dating in the distant future, ruled by a new subculture & hands-free tech.

    Type: Web Series
    Genre: Comedy
    Target Audience: All Audiences
    Target Length: 5 x 10 minutes
    Budget: $10,000

    Created By

    Bhaveek Makan ,  British-Columbia


    Lux-Me is a sci fi romantic comedy that takes place in the near future. It follows two South Asians, Aru and Noori, who both download the Lux-Me app, which pulls them into a world of augmented reality. In an identity obsessed society, this app allows users to display their stats overhead (Gender Identity, Age, Relationship Status, Interests). As part of a new generation of South Asians living in Vancouver, our characters must try to balance their bi-cultural lives with the “modern” times. The parents, Millennials, must teach their children of the Alpha Generation the culture from previous lifetimes. Everything slowly starts to fall apart as Aru begins to change his stats around different people, in order to feel accepted.


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    How social media makes us unsocial

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