The Paranormal Explorers

    Pitch Video

    Explore historic and forgotten landscapes with the duo who've dedicated their lives to helping the living and the dead.

    Type: Series
    Genre: Documentary
    Target Audience: Adults
    Target Length: 3 x 10 minutes

    Created By

    Galen Pendleton ,  Alberta


    Rona Anderson can see dead people. If you’re like most, you’re an instant skeptic, already forming an idea of who Rona is in your mind. This documentary challenges those preconceptions. We'll follow Rona and her husband Ben Myckan as they explore Alberta's historic landscape, sharing stories of fascinating people who once lived in these forgotten locations. Unlike many films and television series of this nature, this project does not hinge on theatrics. It’s focus is Alberta’s history, the human need to help others, and Rona's unique but often criticized story. Join us on the journey of two unique individuals who’ve dedicated their lives to helping those affected by the often misunderstood realm of the paranormal.

    The Team

    With Nicole's documentary directing and production experience and Galen's feature film and television directing experience combined, these two form to make a super fantastic production team!