Big Tiny Shift

    Pitch Video

    All change starts small

    Genre: Documentary
    Target Audience: Adults
    Target Length: 60 minutes

    Created By

    Jen Muranetz ,  British-Columbia


    Mobile tiny houses are a reaction to our housing status quo but have nowhere to go. BIG TINY SHIFT dives into the lives of tiny homeowners fighting to legalize their way of living. Where skyrocketing housing prices and lack of the right stock are leaving potential homebuyers in the dust, these citizens are strong believers that tiny ownership addresses the missing middle and grows back community. From evicted tiny homeowners, to cautious planners unsure of how tiny houses can fit into our cities, we witness the challenges of finding a greener and sustainable future. This is a story about fighting convention with a tiny weapon.


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    Research paper: Tiny Houses in Canada’s Regulatory Context
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    The Team

    Our tiny crew has big plans to affect change in our current housing culture. We are a mix of media and film professionals, housing influencers and passionate tiny home advocates.