Girls Vs. The City

    Pitch Video

    The blind lead the blind as Brynn & Brianna hilariously try to 'fit in', in a city full of flower crowns & vape pens.

    Type: Series
    Genre: Comedy
    Target Audience: Adults
    Target Length: 6 x 10 minutes

    Created By

    Brianna Wiens ,  British-Columbia


    Girls vs. The City: Season 2 picks up right where Season 1 leaves off - a new lease on love, a new lease (literally) and a Celebrity Wedding! As with Season 1, the series will take place entirely in Vancouver and will continue to feature some of the city's best comedians and improvisers, with a special focus on highlighting Vancouver's funniest females.


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    The Team

    From the Writers, to the Producers to the two Lead Actors, this is a Powerhouse Team of Funny Females! Paired with an immensely talented Crew and an all-star Cast, it gives all new meaning to "Teamwork makes the Dream Work"!