Dust 'n Bones

    Pitch Video

    Dust ‘n Bones is an educational documentary that examines the challenges of the re-dedication of First Nations remains.

    Genre: Documentary
    Target Audience: All Audiences
    Target Length: 48 minutes

    Created By

    Harold Joe ,  British-Columbia


    Dust ‘n Bones is an educational POV documentary that examines the challenges and mysteries of dealing with the discovery, preservation, and re-internment of First Nations artifacts and remains. These themes are realized through traditional gravedigger, filmmaker and archaeology assistant Harold Joe’s role in the re-dedication of human remains to sacred burial sites on the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island of BC. The core, observational narrative follows Joe,who has 40 years of experience in facilitating sensitive interments and re-dedications, as he embarks on one of the most complex and impassioned projects of his career.


    Shaw Interview of Harold Joe
    Harold Joe Demo Reel
    BC Premier Announcement on Return of First Nations Artifacts

    The Team

    Dust ‘n Bones features a highly experienced professional production team that brings a dedication and passion to educating the public about respect for First Nations artifacts and remains through this documentary.