Against the Grain: A Guide to Nonconformity

    Pitch Video

    An intimate journey and rare glimpse into the lives of B.C.'s most dynamic and extraordinary mountain culture artisans.

    Type: Series
    Genre: Documentary
    Target Audience: All Audiences
    Target Length: 3 x 15 minutes

    Created By

    David Strasser ,  British-Columbia


    An inspirational miniseries exploring the diverse lifestyles of B.C.’s most successful and dynamic mountain culture athletes, artists, and creators. Embark on an extraordinary journey deep into B.C.’s coastal mountains, and get a rare glimpse into the lives of three artisans: a mountain trail builder, an adventure photographer of Cree heritage, and one of B.C’s most exciting visual artists. We discover the catalysts that led them to develop their unique talents, the motivations that drive them to push their boundaries, and the resolve that empowers them to live their lives, “Against the Grain”.


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