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  • British-Columbia
  • Gary Harvey
  • Fiction
  • Education, Youth

Coded: Ep. 1: Spontaneous Combustion

LENGTH: 8 min. 24 seconds

Shae, an idealistic teacher, embarks on a new job teaching five tenth graders with severe behavioural issues, all coded. As Shae gets drawn into his students' personal lives, he finds himself in murky, ethical territory.

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An idealistic teacher sacrifices his career and relationship to reach his at-risk students.


SHAE FITZGERALD thinks his new teaching job is a perfect chance to change the world. Unfortunately his class, five students with severe emotional and cognitive problems, doesn’t share his enthusiasm. Shae also must contend with SARAH, the war-hardened principal, RYAN the back-stabbing VP, and CARLY, the mother of a student who has Shae in her sights. Shae crosses the line most teachers don’t cross: the one that leads into his students’ personal lives. This brings him into ethical territory that grows increasingly murky, until he risks sacrificing his career and relationship on the altar of his idealism. "Coded" explores how idealism butts up against the real world, and what happens when people open themselves up to the lives of others.



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steve neufeld
steve neufeld

Education, Youth
8 minutes


We have an amazing team of folks with guerilla and mainstream film-making experience who will bring the world of Coded to life with truth and style. We are still looking for another experienced producer to help pull the logistics together.

steve neufeld

steve neufeld

Project Lead, Director, Writer, Producer

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