The Dark Pattern

    Pitch Video

    A choose-your-own-adventure web series about the end of the world and the role you play in it.

    Type: Web Series
    Genre: Fiction
    Topics: Arts, Innovation
    Target Audience: Youth 12-17
    Target Length: 8 minutes
    Budget: $10,000

    Created By

    Mackenzie Warner ,  British-Columbia


    A mysterious website ( containing a cryptic riddle is accidentally solved by a high-school hacker, unleashing an ancient evil into her town. Through tangential storytelling, The Dark Pattern puts you in control of the show. Every audience member will have a unique experience through opportunities to solve puzzles, make show-altering choices, and test your notion of a true hero. Alongside our heroine Lydia Trout, you follow the perspective of either Clarence or Stewart, best friends with opposing ideals, as they race to stop the Phantom (season I), the Bloodsucker (Season II), the Wilted (Season III), and the Voidling (Season IV) from destroying their town.



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