It Must Be Roses

    Pitch Video

    A romantic drama plays out on a theatrical stage as suitors vie to win the heart of Miss Scarlett (aka Danielle French)

    Genre: Folk

    Music Lead

    Danielle French

    Danielle French

    Danielle French Presents: Miss Scarlett & the Madmen- Dark Love Songs (released 2016) Intoxicating! Enchanting! Mesmerizing! Spell-Binding!

    About the song

    This song has a dramatic nostalgic feel- I was coached to sing it as if it was already in the public domain. So, what better setting for the video than an early 1900's theatrical stage production, complete with elaborate set! In it I play "Miss Scarlett" who demands that if her suitors really love her, they will bring her roses... It Must Be Roses!

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    Video Lead

    Sean Lindsay

    Sean Lindsay

    I'm a professional. I adapt quickly and stay flexible. I share knowledge. I work efficiently. I build relationships and support the team.

    Why I want to work with Danielle French

    I appreciate Danielle's vision on her previous film and music projects and am impressed by her ability to bring ideas into tangible form. She directed her previous films herself, working behind the scenes, but with Danielle taking centre stage on this one she approached me to collaborate as director and I am excited to be part of crafting this one!

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    The Team

    My team includes film industry and theatre professionals (Set Design, Costume, Art Dir.) who have worked on feature TV/film projects such as Hell on Wheels, Fargo etc... Along with Director and DOP Sean Lindsay (Digital Learning Video Director ACAD).


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