The purpose of the video was to highlight the Drag community as an artistic form of self-expression. We wanted the audience to identify with this through our character as if he represents everyone who has danced alone at home.

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    • British-Columbia
    • Artist: Michael Cassio
    • Title: Catwalk
    • Length: 4 mins. 2 secs.
    • Genre: Electro-Pop
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    Pitch Video

    A dad transforms into a drag queen after his wife takes the kids to school; turning the house into a glamorous runway.

    Genre: Electro-Pop

    Music Lead

    Michael Cassio

    Michael Cassio

    Sorena, better known as Michael Cassio, creates music that not only gets audiences hyped, but leaves an undeniable impact.

    About the song

    Catwalk is a high energy House/Pop song with a very empowering feel. The minimal lyrics and strong bass are just enough to give our ego the boost it needs to have us strut our stuff like the world is our stage. Catwalk gets people up and out of their chairs and into their bodies with a rhythm that can't be ignored.

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    Video Lead

    Hilary Muth

    Hilary Muth

    I've developed a wide skill set and strong a network of film contracts through my years of experience in the Canadian film industry.

    Why I want to work with Michael Cassio

    We decided to collaborate with Michael Cassio in order to promote a Vancouver based artist with a unique style that allows us to push our creativity. After listening to the song Catwalk, we immediately felt that when paired with a strong concept, the track could have the potential to reach a large audience and leave a lasting impression as well.

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    The Team

    Meet Pat, Hil & Max the team behind CATWALK! We're thrilled to be working together to create a dynamic music video to Michael Cassio's hit song CATWALK. We are beyond excited to have partnered with some key Drag Queens within the Vancouver community.


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    Production Design